Ebeit Dvar – Vayera

The Ends Justify the Means?

In this week’s parsha, there are two episodes involving Lot and his daughters, both of which relate to the question of whether the ends justify the means. This year, I will look at the first episode, when the angels visit Lot in his home in Sodom.

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There’s a new Sheriff – err – Minyan in town!


Our inaugural Sunday Morning Shacharit Superheroes – er – Minyaneers!   We meet Sundays at 7:45am,  179 Hotham Street (near Glen Eira)

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What a Month!!

As the festivals of Tishrei have drawn to a close, we look back at a wonderful time at Beit Aharon.

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur were very special – a warm environment for a meaningful tefillah led by inspiring chazzanim. Sukkot was particularly festive; some highlights included the excellent children’s program activities, the spontaneous children’s choir for Hallel on Shemini Atzeret, and the rousing hakafot dancing on Simchat Torah eve at Hamayan.

After hosting Hamayan for the past two Simchat Torahs, Beit Aharon appreciates their invitation this year to join Hamayan at their home in the Alma Sports Club for the evening of Simchat Torah!

Our own dancing during Simchat Torah day was a lovely multi-generational affair!

We thank our Chattanim Henry Herzog and Max Singer for their consistent support of shule activities, as well as their wonderful speeches during our annual Simchat Torah luncheon. It was also an honour to hear Jean-Marc Liling offer an insider’s perspective on Foreign Refugees in Israel during the luncheon.

Jean-Marc, originally from France, currently works as a legal consultant for the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and other non-profits in Israel, dealing primarily with issues of asylum seekers. He received a JD from Bar-Ilan University and a Masters in Public Law (LLM) from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and has worked as an attorney in the Israeli Ministry of Justice, and at the Israel office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. It was amazing that Beit Aharon had access to Jean-Marc during his brief trip to Melbourne, and his insights were well-received by all.

Special thanks also go to Nathan Guttman, our Chatan Kol HaNearim, for his contributions over the years to the Children’s Program. We wish him well during his upcoming gap year.

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Successful Pre-Rosh Hashanah Kids Program: HONEY!

bees1 bees2

In preparation for Rosh Hashanah, our children (and parents!) were treated to an interesting – and tasty – presentation by Melbourne City Rooftop Honey, followed by some Rosh Hashanah craft activities… (www.rooftophoney.com.au).


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Beautiful New Challah Cover


Claudine Sachwald and Judy Grunfeld (Tania’s mum) have donated a beautiful new Challah Cover that they made together.  The dynamic duo have been doing much sewing lately, and this is their latest joint endeavour!  Much thanks!

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